Cadillac Summit and Big-Data

In Acadia National Park, the recently implemented Cadillac Mountain Vehicle Reservation System allows thirty percent of vehicle reservations to be made available to the public 90 days ahead of each date. The remaining 70 percent of reservations are released at 10:00am two days ahead. However, because reservations allow vehicle access to Cadillac Mountain for the entire day, determining the exact number of reservations to distribute each day is problematic. In particular, it is impossible to calculate or predict the average length of stay of vehicles due to a number of variables such as weather, cruise ship docking, holidays, and special events. Furthermore, it is evident that weather and atmospheric conditions have a significant impact on the vehicle turnover rate at the Cadillac Summit.

In 2022, a WPI research team, using transportation big-data, Cadillac Mountain reservation history data, and historic weather data, was able to correlate the impact of these  variables on vehicle mobility patterns on Cadillac Mountain. The project objective was to examine whether, and to what extent, weather conditions uniformly alter daily traffic mobility behavior on Cadillac Mountain. The results of the research allowed Acadia National Park policymakers to assess the appropriateness of various traffic and reservation management strategies.