At the Acadia-Bar Harbor Project Center, research projects have a strong focus on the relationship and intersection between the humanities, technology, the arts, and the environment. Within this context, projects involve research and creative activities intended to offer insight into the preservation, improvement, appreciation, and sustainability of the natural environment.

Bianchi Bar Harbor1

Frederick Bianchi: Director

Located on Mount Desert Island in Maine, Acadia-Bar Harbor research students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) work closely with Acadia National Park and in proximity to an abundance of research, historical, environmental, and arts organizations. Worcester Polytechnic Institute students participating in summer projects in Acadia-Bar Harbor are involved in two months of preparatory research on the WPI campus, followed by two months of on site field work for the sponsor in Acadia National Park.  While in Bar Harbor, WPI students stay in private cottages a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean on the campus of the College of the Atlantic (CoA).  In addition to the traditional college living amenities, students have kitchens,  meal plans through the CoA, campus security, library access, etc.

While the similarity to college living is noticeable, it is from here that the resemblance disappears. Nestled on the east side of Mt. Desert Island, the bold rocky coast, mountainous terrain, and ocean vistas have long been the destination of researchers, explorers, scientists, and artists. In addition to the academic and scholarly experience that awaits WPI students, the summer in Acadia-Bar Harbor offers the lure of hiking, rock climbing, swimming, biking, sailing, nature walking, fishing, kayaking, camping, whale watching, and more…..