FRC 190 Presents Their Robot At New Horizons Assisted Living

Filed in Robotics Competition by on March 1, 2017

Saturday, February 25th, 2017
On February 25th, members of FRC 190 took the 2016 Robot, “Goat Goat” to present at a demonstration at the New Horizons Assisted Living Facility at Marlborough, MA. Ken, Chris, and Andrew brought the 2016 robot to present to the residents, at a special demonstration held in the centre’s atrium. The residents and staff were given an explanation of FIRST Stronghold, as well as the general mission behind FIRST, and the involvement of high school students. Afterwards, residents were asked to raise questions, followed by driving the robot themselves. The residents had quite the enjoyable time, and the robot was met with positive feedback. One of the aspects of our presentation was the ability to explain how robots are able to help people, especially those who are handicapped or otherwise disabled.

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