1997 – Torroid Terror

Game Animation: None

Team Name: None

Robot Name: Extensor

Summary For The Year:

WPI and Mass Academy organized FIRST into a campus wide activity that welcomed anyone interested in the competition. After two kick-off meetings in December, there were over 60 participants made up of WPI professors, Mass Academy faculty, WPI graduate and undergraduate students, and high school juniors and seniors. Many FIRST alumni from all over the country that attended WPI were part of our team which allowed the team to capitalize on all of the expertise and experience available. Whole team meetings took place twice a week and once the initial brainstorming was finished the team split up into small groups. These groups then worked independently on the powertrain, framework, control system, playing field, 3D studio animation, team logo, team strategy, accumulation of rules, reservations, scouting, scorekeeping, driving, and just plain helping when necessary. Keeping to the teams traditions, these responsibilities were shared among everyone.

Competitions Attended:

  • Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional
  • DEKA New England Regional (Manchester, NH)
  • National Competition (Disney World, FL)

Offseason Competitions Attended: None


  • Proctor & Gamble Creativity Award, Mid-Atlantic Regional
  • Number One Seed, National Competition

Team Pictures:

1997_1_ 1997_2_ 1997_3_ 1997_4_ 1997_5_ 1997_6_ 1997_7_ 1997_8_