1994 – Tower Power

Game Animation: None

Team Name: None

Robot Name: Scorpion

Summary For The Year:

This year marked a big change in the team as the Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics & Science, a newly formed high school on the WPI campus at the time, was added to the team roster. WPI, Doherty High School, and the Mass Academy participated together in the 1994 FIRST games together as one team. Furthermore, 1994 was the first season that the club was merged with WPI’s educational goals and qualifying projects yielding over 40 team members! Each WPI student completes a Major Qualifying Project, MQP, which dominates most of his or her senior year. The FIRST robotics competition embodied the challenging problems encountered in one’s career and made for an excellent MQP project.

The FIRST competition is synchronized beautifully with WPI’s project system. Both activities envelope the student (college and high school) in an atmosphere charged with the excitement that they have built, with their hands and creative minds, an instrument of purpose and design.

Professor Sullivan capitalized on the harmony between these activities and recruited 15 WPI students to share in the excitement of the design and the joy of watching high school students learn and live the events of the competition and the events of a design engineer. The FIRST ‘Rug Rage’ video was all it took to overflow the high school slots. Fortunately, high school teachers were also drawn into the spirit of the competition and signed on to help with the twenty high school students. These new recruits forgot that they were planning to be attorneys, rock musicians, and business managers. They signed on the dotted line with their hearts pounding in anticipation of the games, in the challenge to design an instrument of purpose. The instrument has become the Scorpion.

Competitions Attended: None

Offseason Competitions Attended: None

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