2010 – Breakaway

Game Animation:

Team Name: Gompei and the H.E.R.D.

Robot Name: Gompinator

Summary for the Year:

In 2010, Team 190 set out to build a daring robot that would primarily play the game from the middle and far zones as a passing and defensive robot. For this task, the team selected a mecanum driveline, which utilizes special wheels to allow the robot to translate and rotate independently, providing ultimate mobility. Mecanum systems are not known for their ability to operate on rough terrain, so to combat this, the team devised a disk brake mechanism that would allow the special wheels to behave as standard traction wheels on command. A kicker powered by surgical tubing and armed with a ratchet and clutch system allowed the robot to pass balls across the full field length, clearing out the opponent’s zone and feeding our partners. The design also originally included a hanging system, but weight restrictions prevented the system from being installed.

Competitions Attended

  • WPI Regional (Worcester, MA)
  • Los Angeles Regional (Los Angeles, CA)
  • FIRST Championships (Atlanta, GA)

Offseason Competitions Attended

  • BattleCry@WPI 11
  • Bash at the Beach
  • River Rage


  • Coopertition Award, Los Angeles Regional
  • Delphi Excellence in Engineering Award, Los Angeles Regional