2015 – Recycle Rush

Game Animation:

Team Name: Gompei and the H.E.R.D

Robot Name: Giraffe- Goat

Summary for the Year:

This game called for a robot that could stack totes over six feet high, and move them with stability. This led to a very tall robot, hence the name giraffe goat. Team 190 decided to innovatively use sensors to automate the connection process. This would allow the robot to auto align to the tote, and pick it up. We experimented with 3D printing, by making our hooks with the 3D printer. The hooks were the parts that underwent the most change. Because the game had bins to pick up along with the totes, we realized we needed hooks that not only picked up the totes reliable, but also were able to pick up the bins, which had a slightly different angle. The hooks also had to be able to let go of the totes somehow for load off.

Our innovative drop off method, of tilting the chainsaw forward, exemplified the type of thinking prized by Team 190.

Competitions Attended:

  • Reading
  • Philomath
  • New Hampshire
  • World Championship

Offseason Competitions Attended: None


  • Finalist, New Hampshire District
  • Creativity Award, Alamo Regional

Team Pictures: None