2017- Steamworks

Game- Steamworks

Team Name:

Gompei and the H.E.R.D

Robot Name


Team Summary:

In 2017 the team developed an innovative gear delivery mechanism using a pendulum that allowed the robot to place a gear on a peg reliably regardless of robot placement and angle, allowing our robot to deliver gears very quickly and efficiently. We also built a signature snail shaped ball path and shooter  which accelerated balls using 3 stages of acceleration rollers and two ball streams to achieve a throughput of 14 balls per second. The robot’s controls incorporated a text-to-speech debugging interface, as well as computer vision alignment and a limit switch to sense when the gear peg entered into our robot. The gear delivery mechanism, as well as its 2-speed drivetrain, made Escargoat a formidable gear scoring robot.

Competitions Attended:

  • WPI District Event (Worcester, MA)
  • Rhode Island District Event (Providence, RI)
  • Western University District Event (London, Ontario)

Offseason Competitions Attended:

  • Battlecry@WPI 17
  • River Rage


  • TBD