2016 -Stronghold

Game- FIRST Stronghold



Team Name:


Gompei and the H.E.R.D


Robot Name:




Team Summary:


In 2016 190 developed an innovative drivetrain known as “Tracuate”, meaning that the ends of the two tread drive would actuate back and forth. This allowed the robot to seamlessly traverse the different defenses in either direction. In addition to this the Goat-Goat had dual manipulators that, in addition to helping with the traversal of the more difficult defenses such as the Portcullis or the Cheval de Frise, was able to intake and score boulders in the tower low goal and feed to the Shooper, which fired boulders into the high goal. Although the high goal shooting capabilities were not developed until late into season, the Goat-Goat excelled as a low goal scoring and defense crossing robot, placing as 1st seed at the Rhode Island Event and making it to the finals at the Montgomery Event.


Competitions Attended:

  • WPI District Event (Worcester, MA)
  • Rhode Island District Event (Providence, RI)
  • Montgomery District Event (Skillman, NJ)


Offseason Competitions Attended:

  • Battlecry@WPI 17
  • River Rage


  • Engineering Inspiration, Rhode Island District Event
  • Finalist, Rhode Island District Event
  • Finalist, Montgomery District Event