1996 – Hexagon Havoc

Game Animation: None

Team Name: None

Robot Name: Pheonix

Summary For The Year:

Mass Academy enrolled 63 juniors and seniors in ’96 and all were involved with FIRST. Twenty-eight of the students, in teams of 4, built mini robots from kits in preparation for designing and building the larger FIRST robot. The building of the official FIRST robot was done mainly by WPI engineers: (a consulting engineer, a graduate student, and four undergraduate students). Brainstorming sessions with both the WPI and Mass Academy students were held during and after school for incorporating offensive and defensive strategies in the construction of the Phoenix. Other students were involved with the 3D Studio animation, art work for the logo, photography, and video taping. The collaboration is a prime example of the unique educational relationship between this public school and university.

Competitions Attended: None

Offseason Competitions Attended: None

Awards: None

Team Pictures: