2012 – Rebound Rumble

Game Animation:

Team Name: Gompei and the H.E.R.D.

Robot Name: Sad Panda Nuclear Option Goat (SPNO Goat)

Summary for the Year:

In classic Team 190 style, the 2012 robot was designed to solve the problem of Rebound Rumble in a unique and challenging way. After many hours of difficult discussion within the team, the final strategic decision was made to shoot for the high goal from as far away as possible, hopefully from over 50 feet away near the “inbound station”.

From this decision, every aspect of the robot was sculpted to execute it as effectively as possible. A swerve drive was developed to ensure the robot could easily  navigate into several predetermined shooting positions across the field. The collector was specially shaped so that the robot could quickly receive balls from the inbound station by simply driving into the alliance station wall and dropping three balls into play. The bridge manipulator mechanism included a current sensor that was calibrated to exert as much torque as it could to tip the bridge in our favor without tipping the robot over. Finally, the shooter and turret included tons of power and a massive shooter wheel to deliver as much energy to the balls as possible with each shot.

At tournaments, the Sad Panda Nuclear Option Goat (SPNO Goat) improved after each and every match. At the WPI Regional, the shooter was not tuned adequately, and the robot was only able to score one basket during the entire event. However, the top notch bridge manipulator and autonomous mode ensure the alliance always claimed the balls on the coopertition bridge. With the help of teams 3205 and 2067, 190 won the regional. At the South Florida regional, the robot was able to score from mid court, but was eliminated in the quarterfinals. More importantly, the team was elated to hear that Ken Stafford, team mentor for over 12 years, was awarded the Woodie Flowers Finalist award.

At the Championship, the team made a name for itself for being able to shoot three balls in autonomous from mid field. After a fantastic effort by the team and their alliance partners 2949 and 781, 190 was eliminated in two extremely close quarterfinal matches.


  • WPI Regional Winner
  • South Florida Innovation in Control
  • South Florida Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (Ken Stafford)