Educational Scriptwriting

Filed in Multimedia by on June 1, 2016

This spring, after hearing more than one faculty member talk about the challenges of creating video for their online courses, I thought about the virtues of the script.

A script helps you plan what you’re going to say. You can look at the script and think – does that fact really belong in this video? Or would it be better in a different video? Or am I rambling for too long here?

But perhaps the most virtuous virtue of the script, for me as a text learner, is that it can be posted online alongside your video! This will help your text learners and also provide a secondary modality for those who might need that reinforcement.

So when I went to my boss and said, I really think a script would help some people, she said: make a video about it.

The result is above. The script is located here.

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Sophie Jagannathan is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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