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The more things change…use of media in the classroom.

This term I am taking a course that covers the history of educational technology.  You may hear more from me on the topic!  One of the themes that keeps striking me repeatedly is the pattern we have suffered in this field.  The challenges I face in my role today, such as a lack of a…Continue Reading The more things change…use of media in the classroom.

Examples of Media in Education: Shaping Curriculum

A few years ago, I worked with a professor to plan an interactive media component to help students with the concepts of a chemistry lab that spanned several weeks and several experiments. The professor found that students were having a hard time figuring out which data to use in what way when they reached the final experiment….Continue Reading Examples of Media in Education: Shaping Curriculum

Motivation and the medium

In the book “Distance Education: A Systems View”, authors Michael Moore and Greg Kearsley discuss the various ways to deliver instruction. One statement that particularly resonated with me was the idea that “Motivation is a more critical variable than the medium…” The variety of instructional tools that are present today can provide both instructors and…Continue Reading Motivation and the medium

Creating Accessible Presentations

WPI has a new Director of Disability Services starting on Monday, May 2nd and in honor of our new colleague, I thought I would do a post on designing accessible presentations. First, let’s introduce and warmly welcome Aaron Ferguson!  Aaron comes to WPI from Springfield College where he served as the First-Year Success Coordinator.   You may…Continue Reading Creating Accessible Presentations

Tools we use – Screen Captures

Have you ever found yourself writing an email (or a blog post!) and wished you could just show what you mean instead of having to try to describe it? We often find that being able to quickly capture what’s happening on a computer screen is invaluable for saving time and communicating more clearly. There are…Continue Reading Tools we use – Screen Captures