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Pen Technology in Education

The use of pen-based technology at WPI breaks into three categories, as far as I can tell.  I am open to argument about this, though! 1.  Our amazing Interactive Media and Game Development courses.  I wish I knew more about what you do, but everything I see is beautiful! 2.  Writing in Class The process of…Continue Reading Pen Technology in Education

Securing Your Mobile Device

During this busy travel season it is important to take some time and ensure that your mobile device is secure in case of loss or theft.  I know, no one wants to consider these possibilities, however unfortunate things can happen and having security measures in place on your device can help to make the experience…Continue Reading Securing Your Mobile Device

Understanding the iPad Display Capabilities

Did you know that your iPad can actually display video using the dock connector on the bottom of your iPad and an adapter (purchased separately)?  This can be great in the classroom or for quick meetings in technology equipped spaces.  If this is something you have considered before, or are considering for the future, there…Continue Reading Understanding the iPad Display Capabilities

The iPad apps I Can’t Live Without

I was recently  reading The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Prof Hacker Blog when I stumbled across an interesting post entitled 5 iPad Applications I Can’t Live Without (and Why) (http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/5-ipad-applications-i-cant-live-without-and-why/25907).  After reading this article I wondered: “If I had to choose, what would be on the top of my App list?”… so here they are!…Continue Reading The iPad apps I Can’t Live Without