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Teaching Naked: a Review

Disclaimer: If you found this blog post by Googling, you may or may not be in the right place since the title of this blog post, and the book being reviewed, may seem somewhat… “controversial”…   However, I assure you that the only thing that you might find that is even remotely controversial, but certainly not…Continue Reading Teaching Naked: a Review

Responsibly using the wild, wild world of social media

Fair warning:  This post contains more questions (we like to think of them as thought-provokers) than answers about navigating the world of social media.  We’d love to hear your thoughts – please comment! Can Facebook get you fired? Or maybe worse, not even hired?  Boston University School of Management Professor Kabrina Chang recently spoke about…Continue Reading Responsibly using the wild, wild world of social media

Google+ Chapter 2

Okay so now we’ve gotten invitations to the beta-release of Google+.  And of course, so have many others.  We have our circles, and our opinions and ideas are beginning to form.  So are the ideas and opinions of many others. The Chronicle of Higher Education also has a blog post about the potential for classroom use, with…Continue Reading Google+ Chapter 2

The New Kid on the Social Media Block: Google+

As many of you are already aware, Google has decided to throw its (metaphorical) hat into the social media realm.  There has been great hype over Google’s newest foray with news outlets both TV and Internet covering the beta release of the new Google+. Wait, Beta?  Yeah that’s right, Google+ is still in a limited…Continue Reading The New Kid on the Social Media Block: Google+

YouTube becomes more Social…Media

Have you ever posted a YouTube video and wished you could control its playback for students watching it at the same time?  SocialVision has recently rolled out a new feature (free!) that allows you to watch YouTube videos synchronously with others.  Called YouTube Social, this new element allows the person who initiates a social invite…Continue Reading YouTube becomes more Social…Media