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The more things change…use of media in the classroom.

This term I am taking a course that covers the history of educational technology.  You may hear more from me on the topic!  One of the themes that keeps striking me repeatedly is the pattern we have suffered in this field.  The challenges I face in my role today, such as a lack of a…Continue Reading The more things change…use of media in the classroom.

YouTube meet PowerPoint!

Everyone has heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but sometimes a picture just does not do justice to a what is being presented in the classroom.  This is where video can come in! Video has been a part of classroom educational technology since 1910 (Saettler, 2004) and its use has continued to grow…Continue Reading YouTube meet PowerPoint!

YouTube becomes more Social…Media

Have you ever posted a YouTube video and wished you could control its playback for students watching it at the same time?  SocialVision has recently rolled out a new feature (free!) that allows you to watch YouTube videos synchronously with others.  Called YouTube Social, this new element allows the person who initiates a social invite…Continue Reading YouTube becomes more Social…Media