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Teaching Naked: a Review

Disclaimer: If you found this blog post by Googling, you may or may not be in the right place since the title of this blog post, and the book being reviewed, may seem somewhat… “controversial”…   However, I assure you that the only thing that you might find that is even remotely controversial, but certainly not…Continue Reading Teaching Naked: a Review

Tools we use – Screen Captures

Have you ever found yourself writing an email (or a blog post!) and wished you could just show what you mean instead of having to try to describe it? We often find that being able to quickly capture what’s happening on a computer screen is invaluable for saving time and communicating more clearly. There are…Continue Reading Tools we use – Screen Captures

Coding the Web With Style

Coding the web with style In a previous post, we covered the basics of HTML, the markup language of the internet. We explored ways to divide content into different kinds of contextual containers using tags, and we saw some rudimentary formatting as a result. But how do really style the web? How do we control…Continue Reading Coding the Web With Style