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What might your reCAPTCHA be helping with next?

Back in April we posted on the ways in which reCAPTCHA, an anti-spam mechanism, was helping Google to digitize many older novels as well as the the entire New York Times archive. Well, now that it has been a few months we  wondered: ‘what might reCAPTCHA be helping with next?’  Turns out approximately 250,000 books from the British Library!…Continue Reading What might your reCAPTCHA be helping with next?


The Challenge SPAM! No, not SPAM the food SPAM, the stuff you get unsolicited in your email inbox! SPAM, often generated by computers termed SPAMbots, can originate from many places on the web.  For instance, some SPAMmers troll webpages looking for email addresses to add to their databases, while others use online forms to generate…Continue Reading Gotcha CAPTCHA!