Flamingo Opens a Creche


March 5, 2015

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Little Paradise

It is wonderful to be able to see a community complete a project after months of dedication and hard work, particularly when students were working with them in the beginning stages. Even better is to see them have the opportunity to pause and celebrate the things they have accomplished. This past fall, the Early Childhood Development in Flamingo Crescent team worked with the community and partner organizations to build a crèche in Flamingo Crescent. When they left, there was an installed playground and the outside of the crèche was complete. Since then, the crèche has been completed and is ready for children to use. For Flamingo Crescent, it is a capstone of the entire reblocking process that the community went through over the past year.

On February 10, the community was able to celebrate the completion of the new crèche and the entire reblocking process, with the mayor of the City of Cape Town in attendance.

“These projects succeeded because the community took ownership and shared the responsibility with the city and its partners,” de Lille said in her remarks to the community members, city councilors, officials, and community partners in attendance. “I am pleased to know that the community of Flamingo Crescent has done the same, and I would like to thank you, and our partners, for your contribution in making this a success. By working together, we can make progress possible.” (WPI Daily Herd)

Read SDI’s article on the celebration here, as well as a feature in the WPI Daily Herd.




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