WaSH-UP: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Upgrading Programmes in Informal Settlements



The government in South Africa faces a challenge to meet the needs of thousands living in informal settlements that lack proper water and sanitation.Our 2013 WaSH-UP team’s broad goal was to assess the Mandela Park WaSH-UP facility that emerged from the CTPC’s 2012 WaSH team, and use that knowledge to further improve water and sanitation provisions in the area.  First, we assessed the Mandela Park WaSH-UP facility. We then identified a location in Langrug that would be best served by a new facility. At the community’s request and with a co-researcher team, we designed and planned a facility in Zwelitsha, an area of about 600 people without electricity, toilets, or a sewer system. Our methodology and plans were largely centred on sustainability-related WaSH-UP principles that emerged from our assessment and were deemed essential for successful facility replication.



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Background Information

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Executive Summary

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