Resource Library

Beyond their tangible project benefits, the students, faculty, and partners of the Cape Town Project Centre have developed resources in many fields to be used for future reference and guidance. These documents are available as PDF or web pages, or as editable Word documents. These resources are available to revise, adapt, or otherwise work with, but we do ask that you please let us know of its use. If material derived from CTPC resources is published or otherwise widely circulated, it should be credited to the original authors and to the project center.

Community Development Resources:

Documents created mainly by students and collaborators on specific themes and ranging from lengthy “guidebooks” or manuals to single page tools that others may find useful for a very specific purpose.

More Coming Soon!

You will soon be able to access Community Development Resources in topics including informal settlement upgrading, structures (houses and multi-purpose community centers), energy systems and options, recycling and waste management, entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods, recreation and culture, gardening/agriculture and food safety, community profiles, communication and art, etc.

To find out more about the government agencies and NGOs that we work with, you will also be able to use our CTPC Partners and Sponsors page.

Educational Resources

For educators and others interested in the CTPC’s approach to project-based learning. Coming Soon!

Student Resources

Resources to help students adjust to life in Cape Town and feel prepared to handle project and student life while abroad! More Student Resources>>

Academic and Published Resources

Written by CTPC-affiliated faculty and students. More Published Resources>>