Expanding Health, Education, and Wellbeing Services and Analyzing the Effects of Underlying Social Complexities on WaSH-UP

WaSH-UP Services

This project focused on promoting improved health, education, and wellbeing in Langrug informal settlement by working with the community to expand services at an innovative WaSH-UP (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Upgrading Programme) Facility. To realise this goal, we established personal connections with our co-researchers, community members, who share our goal, to collaboratively recognise programmes urgently needed in the community. Given a distinct need for a safe, educational place for children to play after school, and with suitable social space available within the WaSH-UP Facility, we created an aftercare programme and community library. Additionally, we confronted and attempted to resolve the complex interpersonal issues causing conflict among our co-researchers and hindering forward progress of the project. The project resulted in successful aftercare and library models implemented in the Langrug community that can also be adapted for use in other informal settlement WaSH-UP Facilities. Furthermore, we developed a deeper understanding of inter- and intra-community relationship complexities in an attempt to innovate solutions to such challenges that are common in many informal settlements and affect the long-term realisation of the WaSH-UP vision.


Mission Statement and Objectives

Read about our mission and objectives.

Project Outcomes: Not Just Toilets Anymore!

Discover what major outcomes were accomplished.

Executive Summary

Read about the highlights of the project in the executive summary. Executive Summary [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Meet the Team

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Background Research

Learn more about the background research concerning Langrug, South Africa.

Process Narrative: Our Journey

Delve into our complete journey from when we started planning with the local community to leaving with completed programmes.

WaSH-UP Flyer

This is a 2 page summary of what WaSH-UP is, who it involves, why it was created, all the work that WaSH-UP Services and WaSH-UP Business Operations completed, and future work to further WaSH-UP in Langrug. WaSH-UP Flyer [PDF, 1.6 MB]

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