CT14 Group at Cape Point Jordon DSC_0139

In 2014, WPI students were able to continue to work with established partners and communities as well as new ones. We were able to partner with Sizakuyenza, working with the residents and staff of their shelter for domestic violence survivors to improve facilities. We created a vendor-run profiling program with The Big Issue, a non-profit street paper that employs homeless or marginalized individuals. In Flamingo, we were able to partner with the Center for Early Childhood Development, ISN, and community members of the Flamingo Crescent informal settlement to construct a creche and play park, a major milestone in their community reblocking process. Along with the Office of Sustainable Livelihoods, we developed a business model for distributing energy-efficient products in informal settlements, with a successful pilot program distributing Wonderbags through creches. We worked with CORC and the community of Langrug to develop an aftercare program for children at their WaSH facility, as well as to add a kiosk selling health & wellness products, making the facility more financially sustainable. Finally, we were able to reflect on personal and team growth that stems from the IQP journey, creating a documentary of our reflections.

We would like to thank all of our project partners, sponsors, and communities that helped us accomplish these things!