MGV Park Redevelopment

Maitland Garden Village Perseverance Park Redevelopment 

Colourful Park

We were invited by the MGV community through the Residents Association and the Green Light Project to assist in the redevelopment of a community play park. The redevelopment process included creating a design model and implementation plan for Perseverance Park. To accomplish these goals, we worked with the City of Cape Town City Parks Department and formed a partnership with a group of dedicated community members. Together, we visited local parks throughout Cape Town to identify layout and equipment options, gathered community insight on the park through an informal survey, and hosted a community meeting to draw out and share design ideas. After addressing a safety concern of the community through a park clean-up, the WPI and community partnership hosted a fun day and planting activity to launch the redevelopment process. The hard work of the partnership and City Parks Department resulted in a park design CAD model, implementation plan, a catalogue of park design elements, and the formation of a steering committee within the community who has taken the responsibility of seeing the park redevelopment through to completion.

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