One of the best ways to inform people of FIRST Robotics is through Demos. Demos are public events, typically held at schools or community centers, during which team members drive the robot, show off its skills, and answer questions that the audience has about our robot, the team, and the mission of FIRST. Towards the end of our demos we give audience members the opportunity to drive the robot if they ask uss a question. The goal of our demos is to get people of all ages excited about STEM and the applications of STEM in the real world.

In the past we have done demos for the parents weekend at WPI. Families of students at WPI are encouraged to come check out the robot on display and interact with it. Also, at open houses for Mass Academy we demo a robot for prospective students. Team 190 is very interesting for many applicants because many schools that applicants come from do not have an FRC team. Another type of event we have done in the past is demos at nursing homes.
If you are interested in scheduling a demo, contact Ken Stafford at or the WPI Robotics Resource Center at