2014 Projects

B14 Group

In B term 2014, Professor Dominic Golding and Professor Stanley Selkow advised six student teams conducting projects with the Nantucket Energy Office, the Nantucket Fire Department,  the Nantucket Historical Association, the Nantucket Memorial Airport, the Nantucket Natural Resources Department, and the Nantucket Town Manager’s Office.

We would like to thank all our project sponsors for making these collaborative research opportunities available to our students. We thank Harvey Young of Young’s Bicycle Shop for generously providing the advisor and students with bicycles for the duration of their stay. We would also like to thank John Daniels and his staff at the Maria Mitchell Association for providing student accommodation.

I just took the time to watch this year’s presentations. They get better and better, and the students have developed a remarkable degree of professionalism. I hope that the Town of Nantucket will make good use of the information that has been so thoughtfully gathered, especially as the agenda for Town meeting is prepared.  You and your students are making a wonderful contribution to the Nantucket Community.

Many thanks

Toni McKerrow, Resident

February 2015