2021 Projects — Fall


In B term 2021, Professor Dominic Golding and Professor Fred Looft advised six student teams conducting projects with the Department of Public Works, the Linda Loring Nature Foundation, the Nantucket Energy Office, the Nantucket Island Center for Entrepreneurship, ReMain Nantucket, and the Town Manager’s Office.

A recording of the final presentations is available here courtesy of NCTV18.

We would like to thank all our project sponsors for making these collaborative research opportunities available to our students. We would also like to thank the following:

  • Young’s Bicycle Shop for generously providing the advisor and students with bicycles for their stay.
  • Peter McEachern and his staff at the Nantucket Yacht Club for providing student accommodation.
  • Cecil Barron Jensen, Rachel Hobart, Jenn King and Virna Gonzalez at ReMain Nantucket.
  • Melanie Hajjar for arranging the treasure hunt.
  • The Nantucket Historical Association for allowing students access to the Whaling Museum.
  • Brian Lenane and his staff at the Community School
  • Emily Molden and her staff at the Nantucket Land Council
  • Amy Jenness, Lincoln Thurber, and Jim Borzilleri at The Nantucket Atheneum
  • Travis Lombardi and Matt Hunt for allowing us to use the gym facilities at the High School.
  • Lisa Getter, Frank Schadt, and Catie O’Connor at NCTV18 for recording the proceedings.