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Speaking of Searching, just what can a simple Google search do?

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Last week, the TTL blog talked about new and interesting search engines that provide information in a wealth of ways! But how can you make your simple Google searches more effective and efficient? Patrick Crispin, Instructional Technology Coordinator at California State University, Long Beach has done some research into Google and provides some hints as […]

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Looking for a cool new way to search the web?

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Search engines have become a staple of our everyday lives, and, in general, they all seem pretty much the same.  You go there, type in a word, and get a list of results.  But what if your search could be different? Now it can!  Next time you’re out searching the web, try something a little […]

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Digital Video Formats…and You.

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There are about as many different digital video formats on the market today as there are video cameras, and in the spirit of market competition, nothing ever seems to work well with anything else. What is a would-be video editor to do? This post provides information about the format pitfalls to avoid and recommends some […]

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We know you thought the world was round….

but we are here to tell you that the world is actually flat!  Not geometrically flat, that was dis-proven way back in 1521 by  Ferdinand Magellan when he circumnavigated the earth, but virtually flat. Through economy, trade, and technology we humans have succeeded in virtually flattening our world. Thomas Friedman was one of the first […]

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