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Lecture Capture Contingency Planning

Instructors at WPI are being asked to be agile in order to accommodate students who may not be able to attend in-classroom lectures. If you’re an instructor who is not accustomed to lecture capture, this blog post will guide help you initiate a lecture stream using Echo360 or Zoom. Echo360 Zoom Planning   Echo360 At…Continue Reading Lecture Capture Contingency Planning

Feature Comparison: Echo360 and Studio

Feature Access Via cloud platform ( or Canvas. Via enrollment in an active Canvas course site, only. Organization Course section (i.e., folder); user library; collection  Course folder; user library; collection  Storage Cloud platform Cloud associated with Canvas Captioning Yes Yes Quizzes Yes. Question types: multiple choice, ordered list, short answer, numeric activity, image quiz, T/F. …Continue Reading Feature Comparison: Echo360 and Studio

Editing Your Thumbnail with Echo360

Like a manicure, a good thumbnail will do wonders for your video’s appearance. What is a thumbnail? A thumbnail is small image hyperlinked to the playback of your video. It should communicate the gist of your video. But sometimes it doesn’t. This blog post will show you how to remedy that situation in Echo360. First…Continue Reading Editing Your Thumbnail with Echo360

Welcome back WPI faculty!

It’s been another busy summer here at the Academic Technology Center. We’ve been going non-stop this Spring and Summer to prepare for all possible unknowns, and make the Fall term go as smoothly as possible despite the unpredictability! We just had our annual New Faculty Orientation today, and although it was “virtual” it was great…Continue Reading Welcome back WPI faculty!

Embedding Videos with the New Rich Text Editor

Canvas recently upgraded its rich text editor. What this means for you is that if you are embedding Echo36 or Studio videos in pages, the look and workflow has changed slightly. Here’s what the row of buttons at the top of the rich text editor looks like.     You’re going to click on the…Continue Reading Embedding Videos with the New Rich Text Editor