The online quiz feedback conundrum

Giving feedback to students taking online quizes can be tricky.  While it is very easy to provide feedback to students immediately this is not always desirable;  sometimes you want to wait until after the quiz is over to provide feedback to only those students who took the quiz.  In the past this was a fairly manual process, but no more!

As we already know, once a student has taken a quiz they can re-enter the quiz to again review the Test Feedback that you have chosen to display to them. However in many situations feedback has been withheld until the entire class has taken the Quiz or the Quiz may be set up to become unavailable to students after a certain time (i.e. they cannot reenter the quiz to review the feedback after the Display Until date has passed).  We can however work around this!

In order to provide feedback selectively to  students who have taken a Quiz we need to use a two step process.  The first step is to create an Adaptive Release: Advanced rule  after students should have completed the test (e.g. after the due date) that specifies that only students who have a grade for the quiz can access it.  This will prevent students who did not take the test on time from entering in and taking it late while facilitating feedback to those students who did take the Quiz.  To do this:


  1. Click on the Action Link to the right or the item you would like to add your Rule to (I am using Quiz 3 as my example)
  2. Select Adaptive Release: Advanced from the Action Link menu
  3. On the Adaptive Release: Advanced screen, click Create Rule
  4. Name your Rule and click Submit
  5. The Manage Criteria Screen appears.  Click Create Rule and Select Grade from the drop down menu
    While this sounds a bit recursive, you want the system to check to see if the student has a grade on the quiz you are adding the rule to.  In this example I am working with Quiz 3 so I want to select the Quiz 3 Grade Center Column as the criteria.
  6. Select the appropriate column in the Select Grade Center Column drop down menu.
  7. Click Submit.

Once the Adaptive Release: Advanced rule is in place you will need to remove the Display Until date from your item (if you had one set)  as well as change the test Feedback options in Section 5 of the Modify Test Options page (accessed from the Action Link to the right of the Quiz > Select Edit the Test Options from the Action Link Menu):

Be sure to click Submit once all settings have been modified and you are all set!  This will now allow any student who has a grade on the Quiz, Quiz 3 for example, to navigate back to the Test and review the feedback you have allowed.