Month: September 2012

Tips for Teaching Adult Students Online

Demographic studies of distance learning students indicate that they are older than students in traditional campus-based programs, they usually work outside the home, and many are married with families. Most students take courses on a part-time basis while holding down a job, with the intention of pursuing education to help them advance in their careers….Continue Reading Tips for Teaching Adult Students Online

The MOOC and You!

Communities of Practice have been long standing features at Higher Education Institutions; Journal Clubs, Special Interest Groups, User Groups, and even Study Groups are all examples of how we come together in academia to form focused groups interested in learning and developing together.  I do not think that anyone out there would argue with me…Continue Reading The MOOC and You!

The online quiz feedback conundrum

Giving feedback to students taking online quizes can be tricky.  While it is very easy to provide feedback to students immediately this is not always desirable;  sometimes you want to wait until after the quiz is over to provide feedback to only those students who took the quiz.  In the past this was a fairly manual process, but…Continue Reading The online quiz feedback conundrum

What do new WPI faculty need the most?

A few weeks ago, we in the TTL team met with WPI’s newest faculty members, and the excitement was palpable.  I shared some of the FAQ’s from that session here.  As we prepare to support these folks throughout their (hopefully very long) careers at WPI, I am wondering what your thoughts are about the things…Continue Reading What do new WPI faculty need the most?