Collaborative Writing: Tools and Techniques: Workshop on June 6th

Google Docs or Dropbox?

SharePoint or myWPI?

Researcher or Editor?

Project Manager or Writer?

WPI Project teams make a host of decisions behind-the-scenes of their actual project work, deciding how to organize roles within their group, and which tools will be best for their needs.  Should we have a calendar to keep track of our tasks?  Should we save each version of our paper?  Is it okay for me to edit my teammate’s work or will that person then feel slighted?

From the faculty perspective, these decisions often display themselves in a myriad of ways.  For example, it may become clear that a team cooperated (divided up the tasks fairly) but didn’t collaborate (no one team member can speak about the other’s work at all).  There may be the challenge of identifying accountability for successes or failures.  Or perhaps deciding the role that self and peer assessment should have within the grading process.

Please consider joining us for an upcoming conversation about these challenges and more on Thursday, June 6th in Norwood, MA.

NERCOMP will be hosting a day long workshop featuring Professor Lauren Mathews (WPI, Biology and Biotechnology) and Professor Karen Kurault (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Writing) discussing their own work in this area and examining the impact on student learning objectives, conflict resolution and collaboration in general.

See a detailed agenda and register here: