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Echo360 Sharing: Wide and Narrow

The way an Echo360 video is shared determines whether a lot of students see it or just a few. Examples of wide sharing are via the Echo360 section, connected to a Canvas course site through the left side menu. When students click on the Echo360 button, they see an collection of videos either recorded in…Continue Reading Echo360 Sharing: Wide and Narrow

Flexibility Options in Canvas

In response to recent discussions about how to extend flexibility options to students in Canvas, I thought it would be helpful to provide to draft up an FAQ guide for instructors… Q: Am I required to post a due date when adding an assignment? A: No! Canvas provides a due date field, but it is not…Continue Reading Flexibility Options in Canvas

Qualtrics Dashboard Changes Coming

Over the next couple of months Qualtrics will be updating the dashboard where you build your surveys. Here is a preview of what to expect (from the Qualtrics Support Website). About the New Survey Builder Qualtrics is releasing a new experience for editing your Qualtrics surveys. This new experience provides improvements for building surveys and…Continue Reading Qualtrics Dashboard Changes Coming

Live AI-Captioning Now Available for All Zoom Meetings!

As of 2/24/2021, we are now able to offer full AI-generated captions and transcripts for every Zoom meeting, for free!  Here’s how to enable captions on any meeting that you have Host-level access to. Click on the Live Transcript button within the Zoom meeting menu. Click on the Enable Auto-Transcription button. Zoom will begin to…Continue Reading Live AI-Captioning Now Available for All Zoom Meetings!

Sharing Echo360 link in Canvas Module

Echo360 users can share their videos in Canvas in a variety of ways. This post explains how to share your video in a Canvas module as an External URL item. First, we need to find the sharing feature and apply it to your video. One way of finding the video is to go to your…Continue Reading Sharing Echo360 link in Canvas Module

Echo360-Zoom Connection

The Echo360 – Zoom Connection Good news for Echo360 users: your Zoom cloud recordings can be ingested by Echo360 and placed in your personal libraries and course sites. Why is this good? For starters, it allows you to keep all your video content in one place. You don’t have to deal with multiple video storage…Continue Reading Echo360-Zoom Connection

How Transcripts and Captions Work in Echo360

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination in the places of public accommodation – such as schools – and failing to transcribe or provide closed captions for your educational videos can be seen as a violation of the ADA. So transcripts and captions have legal significance. But beyond that, they help your students access your…Continue Reading How Transcripts and Captions Work in Echo360

Flipping Video with OBS

OBS – short for Open Broadcaster System – is an open source software for video streaming and recording. Downloads for OBS are available at   OBS is free and works well on Windows, macOS and Linux systems. That being said, as an open source tool, there isn’t a customer support hotline you can call…Continue Reading Flipping Video with OBS

Zoom Recording Notifications

If you would prefer to receive email notification for when cloud recordings in Zoom are being processed, you can very easily follow these steps to turn notifications on for yourself. Log in via Click “Settings” in the left-hand menu. Locate “Email Notification” Click on the toggle button to the right of “When a cloud…Continue Reading Zoom Recording Notifications