Check out these 3 great features of PDF Annotator!

On the classroom podiums you will find 2 programs that will allow you to mark up PDFs as well as Powerpoint presentations and other files – Smart Notebook and PDF Annotator.

Alright! So lets start with why I’m focusing on PDF Annotator and not Smart Notebook. At some point in the near future WPI will be cutting ties with Smart Notebook for a handful of reasons. One of the big reasons is that Smart Notebook interferes with other programs when they’re both running at the same time – ever had it freeze on you while using TurningPoint? I understand that we have some loyal Smart Notebook users who will be heart broken when that day comes – so I’m going to do my best to make a transition to PDF Annotator as smooth as possible.

Onto the cool stuff!

1. Short Cut Keys! Ok – this may not seem that cool, but for some people (like myself) – short cut keys make switching between the selection arrow and pen tool quick and easy.

PDFshortcuts2. “Print to PDF Annotator” – What does that even mean? Once you have the PDF Annotator software installed it also installs a printer option called “Print to PDF Annotator” which will allow you to move file formats that would not usually be compatible over to be marked up in PDF Annotator through the print screen. Click here to read about how use to this magical feature.

3. Create your own stamp! Are you tired of drawing the same icon over and over? Make a stamp! And when you become dependent upon your newly create stamps – you can export them at the end of the term and import them later on. Click here to see their fairly boring example stamp and how to make it. I expect you all to be much more creative.

If you are someone who is interested in learning more please reach out to me! x6422