Adding Pronouns to Zoom

It’s the last day of Pride Month, and so I’d be remiss to leave out a great new feature that Zoom added earlier this month–adding your pronouns to your Zoom profile!

The first thing you’ll need to do is update your Zoom client to at least version 5.7.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here:

Next, log in to the Zoom portal via and click on Profile. This is actually the same process that you can use to change your display name, which I covered in a previous post! You can edit your profile information via the Edit button on the right, and can fill in your pronouns in the provided blank.

Zoom pronoun entry field and sharing options.
You’ll also notice that you can choose who you share these pronouns with others when you join a meeting! Please keep in mind, however, that your pronouns will appear to anyone who has you listed as a contact–this means anyone associated with WPI could view your profile.

Your pronouns will then appear in Zoom meetings alongside your name in most areas. If you chose the option to do so, you’ll also see a small pop-up when you join a meeting asking if you’d like to share your pronouns.

Locations of listed pronouns in a Zoom meeting
This is where your pronouns are listed! Neat, huh?

As an openly queer trans woman who has changed her pronouns and name while working here at WPI, it brings me great joy to see the amount of support I have at this institution. If you’re comfortable sharing your pronouns via Zoom, I highly recommend doing so!  It shows solidarity with all sorts of gender-diverse people in our school community, and helps you communicate your own identity to those you’re meeting online. I’ve added some resources below that you can check out if you have further questions!