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That’s What We Are Here For!

Yesterday I had one of what we call our “great meetings”.  I met with two faculty (don’t worry, they shall not be named here) who identified some of their teaching challenges.  We spent our time discussing the following topics: 1.  Grading multiple choice exams.  How can we cut down on grading time while also gathering…Continue Reading That’s What We Are Here For!

3, 2, 1…Explain!

My favorite “Explainer”, Lee Lefever, just posted a new blog about the new age of the video explanation.  In it, he postulizes that perhaps 2012 will usher in a new genre for video:  “Drama, comedy, documentary, advertising and explanation.”  Lee does a great job of explaining (no surprise there) why this trend is being enabled and adopted globally,…Continue Reading 3, 2, 1…Explain!