Free Survey Tools: Choosing the best for you!

Working on a research project that requires a survey?

Once you have decided on the goals of your survey, the time comes to choose a tool that will help you best implement.  Here are the things that you need to consider:

How many questions will the survey contain?

What types of questions will be used?  (e.g. multiple choice, rating scales)

How will the survey flow?  Will it need skip logic or branching?

How many potential responses will be received?

Post-survey data evaluation:  what will be done to study the data?

Look and feel?  How important is customization?

Who are the recipients?  How will the survey be administered to them?

Each of the FREE survey tools that are available offer a slightly different set of options, so your answers to these questions are incredibly important!

Click on the picture below to see a matrix of these options for SurveyMonkey (free acct), Google Docs, Qualtrics (free acct), Zoomerang (free acct) and SharePoint (WPI Only):
survey tools

For some great tips on Survey design, visit the ATC Collaboratory at: