New and updated e-classrooms at WPI this fall

We know we’re not the only ones, but the ATC has been hard at work this summer!  One of our biggest focuses during the summer months is working on the replacement cycle for some of our older classroom equipment pieces, as well as the addition of a few new rooms!

WPI E-Classrooms allow  instructors and students to project from a computer or other device (questions about projecting your iPad?  See our previous post on iPad display capabilities) such as a document camera.  From Adobe Acrobat to MatLab to Windows Media player, the software available can help to enhance and supplement existing curriculum.

This summer, the ATC has installed some new equipment in Kinnicut Hall (SL115) in order to learn more about the capabilities of an HD projector.  If you are scheduled to teach there, you will be hearing from us!  Newly added E-Classrooms include Kaven Hall 203 (teaching lab), Stratton Hall 003 (teaching lab), OH114 (teaching lab) and SL011.  Other rooms have new, bigger podiums (more room for books) and built-in document cameras (great for projecting text books, component parts, 3D diagrams).

We have also enhanced the capability to capture your lectures with Echo360, adding GH227, KH116, SH106 and AK116 to the list of rooms with this technology.

To view a list of hardware and software that is available in each classroom, please visit the ATC’s E-Classroom page.  Please note that we update this list as often as possible.  To schedule E-Classrooms for specific events, visit WPI’s Resource 25.

For more information, or to learn more about your specific classroom, hands-on training sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, or you can register for a scheduled workshop on Regi.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact the ATC’s Technology for Teaching and Learning team at

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