Month: August 2011

YouTube meet PowerPoint!

Everyone has heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but sometimes a picture just does not do justice to a what is being presented in the classroom.  This is where video can come in! Video has been a part of classroom educational technology since 1910 (Saettler, 2004) and its use has continued to grow…Continue Reading YouTube meet PowerPoint!

Welcome back!

Happy first day of school! We look forward to seeing you this year and working together on all of your teaching and learning technology needs! We hope that you have a great day!…Continue Reading Welcome back!

Interested in Lecture Capturing?

Last week you read about the new and updated e-classrooms, including several new lecture capturing classrooms.  This week, I thought I’d expand a little  bit more on the use of lecture capturing at WPI.   As you read last week, we have installed the Echo360 technology in AK116, GH227, KH116, and SH106.  That brings the total number of…Continue Reading Interested in Lecture Capturing?

New and updated e-classrooms at WPI this fall

We know we’re not the only ones, but the ATC has been hard at work this summer!  One of our biggest focuses during the summer months is working on the replacement cycle for some of our older classroom equipment pieces, as well as the addition of a few new rooms! WPI E-Classrooms allow  instructors and…Continue Reading New and updated e-classrooms at WPI this fall