Conducting an Online Survey? Qualtrics is the tool for you.

What is it?  Qualtrics’ Research Suite is an online survey software solution for WPI Students, Faculty, and Staff that allows users to collect, analyze and act on relevant data.

Who is eligible to create surveys?  All WPI Community Members with an email address!

How do I get there?

Where can I learn more?

Here are a few tips from us to you!

Survey Design:

  • Consider adding a back button.  It helps with navigation.
  • You can pipe and carry forward text from previous questions.
  • Be careful with that “Force Response” option – it’s appealing but can cut down on your response rate.  If you use it, consider an “Prefer not to answer” choice.
  • Skip logic is for multiple follow up questions and gets added to the starter question.  Display logic is for single follow up questions and is added to the resulting question.
  • Speaking of logic, test it carefully!
  • Preview!  You can even add data manually or add “test” data.

To share a survey, go the My Surveys tab.  Next to the survey name, you will see a Collaborate link.  You can share your surveys with anyone at WPI, once they have logged into the site.

Survey Deployment:

  • The Qualtrics mailer provides one link per recipient.  Is preferable if you have email addresses for your recipients, and allows you to send reminders!
  • Anonymous Link allows you to post one link for multiple respondents.  Although this doesn’t provide you with identifying information, you can ask questions to enable later ID.

Result Analysis:

  • Qualtrics allows for export as a .CSV, .SPSS and more!
  • You can create crosstabulations within a survey or between a survey!  Note: these do not apply to open-ended response questions.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to set up a training for your group!


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