The app that we’ve all been waiting for is here! Echo360 for Tablets!!

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Over the past few years, the ATC has fielded requests from many instructors concerning how they might record annotated videos using their tablets. And have them publish to their myWPI site using Echo360, our lecture capturing system. For the earlier, we always recommended the iPad app “Explain Everything.” However, for the latter, we never had a great solution that didn’t involve manually exporting a video from the tablet to a computer, and uploading into the WPI Echo360 portal.

Until now…

Echo360 has rolled out a mobile upload app that allows you to publish recorded videos saved on your iPad directly into our Echo360 server!


Get it now on Google Play 

Note: the app does not facilitate the recording of the screen; it only allows you to upload existing videos from your mobile device to a course that you have connected through WPI’s Echo360 portal. You will still need to use your preferred screen recording app to create the videos. The ATC TTL team recommends Explain Everything for the iPad, and Rec. or Screencast Video Recorder for Android. (Caveat: Android recorder apps require your device to be rooted!)

If you are a Windows 8 tablet user, you can use the full version of Echo360 Personal Capture to record your videos.

Why might I want to record a video using my tablet? A great use might be when (if?) winter weather interferes with your regularly scheduled class plans. Conference travel, illness, or even just wrapping up a portion of your lecture that you weren’t able to get to during class, too. Of course, the PC or Mac desktop client of Personal Capture can be used, but having the ability to annotate content is really what makes the tablet option convenient!

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