Introducing Studio: a new kind of video platform within Canvas

Canvas is a video engagement and annotation tool within Canvas that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video.

WPI now has access to the Studio video platform!

The Studio platform allows students and instructors to engage with video content by commenting directly on the video timeline. Students can learn from each other’s insights as well as from the instructor’s direction and feedback.

Arc video comments

Comments are noted with the posting time and date, along with the aligned time in the media. Users can also post replies to comments as well, which can supplement the comments and are not part of the timeline display.

Arc video analytics example

Studio’s analytics allow instructors to quickly and easily analyze the media students are viewing, how long they are viewing, and when they stop viewing. This allows instructors to optimize media to communicate critical information more effectively and monitor student behavior.

Students can also use Studio to easily submit video projects within Canvas.

Want to check it out now? Here’s a self-guided tour.

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