Sharing Echo360 link in Canvas Module

Echo360 users can share their videos in Canvas in a variety of ways. This post explains how to share your video in a Canvas module as an External URL item.

First, we need to find the sharing feature and apply it to your video. One way of finding the video is to go to your library.

If you click on the Echo360 button on your Canvas site, and then library, you’ll see thumbnails of all the videos you own. If you hover over the thumbnail you’ll see a blue box with three dots on the bottom right. This will release a drop down menu, from which you can select share.

Another way of finding your video is from the list of videos that can be found in the Echo360 section of your Canvas course site. Click on the green button to the right of the video you want to share in a module.
Under the player window you’ll see the option to Share.
Now that we’ve located the sharing feature via two different ways, we’ll briefly describe how to share with a link.

From the share options, select links. You can add a new link. And then copy it. You can share this link as long as the button for public link is toggled on.


In Canvas, you can share this link in a module. When you add an item to a module, choose external URL as the item type.

Copy the link from Echo360. Then, in a module to which you would like to add the video, click the plus button to add a module item.

Canvas will ask you what kind of item you want to add. Choose External URL. Then click Add Item.


This puts the video in your Canvas module.

If you have any questions about this process of uploading to Echo360 and then sharing, please email