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Ready for B-Term Checklist

The ATC is here to help the WPI Community with Canvas, Lecture Capture, Zoom, Classroom Tech, and more! Review the below items to make sure you’re ready for the start of B-Term: Canvas Requests: We now offer instant Canvas course modifications! Just connect your Canvas account to The Hub. You may also use this form to…Continue Reading Ready for B-Term Checklist

Echo360 Room List

Alden Hall Janet Earle Room Atwater Kent AK013 AK116 AK219 AK232 AK233 Boston Seaport CS131 Campus Center Hagglund Room Fuller Labs FL222 FL311 FL320 Lower Perrault Upper Perrault Goddard Hall GH227 Higgins Labs HL031 HL114 HL116 HL154 HL202 HL218 HL230 Kaven Hall KH115 KH116 KH202 KH203 KH204 KH207 Olin Hall OH107 OH109 OH126 OH218 OH223…Continue Reading Echo360 Room List

Echo360 Sharing: Wide and Narrow

The way an Echo360 video is shared determines whether a lot of students see it or just a few. Examples of wide sharing are via the Echo360 section, connected to a Canvas course site through the left side menu. When students click on the Echo360 button, they see an collection of videos either recorded in…Continue Reading Echo360 Sharing: Wide and Narrow

Feature Comparison: Echo360 and Studio

Feature Access Via cloud platform ( or Canvas. Via enrollment in an active Canvas course site, only. Organization Course section (i.e., folder); user library; collection  Course folder; user library; collection  Storage Cloud platform Cloud associated with Canvas Captioning Yes Yes Quizzes Yes. Question types: multiple choice, ordered list, short answer, numeric activity, image quiz, T/F. …Continue Reading Feature Comparison: Echo360 and Studio

Editing Your Thumbnail with Echo360

Like a manicure, a good thumbnail will do wonders for your video’s appearance. What is a thumbnail? A thumbnail is small image hyperlinked to the playback of your video. It should communicate the gist of your video. But sometimes it doesn’t. This blog post will show you how to remedy that situation in Echo360. First…Continue Reading Editing Your Thumbnail with Echo360

Edit Your Closed Captions on Echo360

Closed captions are the text version of what is being spoken during a video, displayed in short, readable segments. All Echo360 videos have a closed caption track. This means that should a viewer want to turn on the closed captioning for a course video, they will have that option. This post provides more information about…Continue Reading Edit Your Closed Captions on Echo360

Echo360 Announces Grant Opportunity

Echo360, the video content management and creation platform in use at WPI, has announced a call for proposals for its E3 grants. E3 stands for Equity, Engagement and Evidence. Each grant recipient, if selected, will receive a $2000 cash award. These grants are designed to support the work of instructors and researchers who use Echo360…Continue Reading Echo360 Announces Grant Opportunity

Setting Up Zoom for Echo360

Hello, Lecture Capturers! Many questions have arisen about how to use Zoom in conjunction with Echo360 so that your students can view your Zoom meetings through the Echo360 area in Canvas. This is possible. It’s also a good idea. It’s a good idea because Zoom cloud recordings disappear after 100 days, but Echo360 videos live…Continue Reading Setting Up Zoom for Echo360

Creating a Video Assignment or Discussion Post

Creating a video assignment or discussion post is a great way to get students thinking outside the text-box, so to speak, and tapping into their creativity. It’s also a great way for students to see each other and practice presentation skills. This post covers how to create assignments and discussions that involve a video submission….Continue Reading Creating a Video Assignment or Discussion Post