Lecture Capture by Default in A/B/F classes

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In response to the recent email sent out by John McNeill and Reeta Rao, CERT Academic Liaisons, and with endorsement from CAP and support from CGSR, ATC will be implementing lecture capture enabled by default, for classes categorized with the “lecture” instructional format in WorkDay, in rooms with the appropriate technology.  This implementation will be on a trial basis in A/B/Fall, with re-evaluation in December and will be put into effect on Wednesday, 9/22/2021.

Faculty may opt-out at their discretion if in their judgment the class is not suitable for lecture capture. To opt-out, please complete this opt-out form (weblink). ATC will process your request within one business day.


10/5/21 update: I wanted to share a blog post out of UMich’s Center for Research on Teaching & Learning that provides several strategies in support of using lecture capture as a resource to support students. Find the blog post here.

To prepare for this implementation, here are a few FAQs:


Q: How do I know if my classroom has the appropriate technology?

A: A filtered list of classrooms with the Echo360 hardware is available on the Hub. If you are not in one of these classrooms, please see this post on how to start/stop your own recordings using the Universal Capture software.


Q: What will be captured by default?

A: Instructor audio, content sent to the projector (in dual-projection classrooms, Echo360 will capture anything sourced to the RIGHT projector), and a camera that captures a bird’s eye view of the front of the classroom. Below is a screenshot of a recent capture in SL115.

A view of Echo360 from SL115

This image shows a view of what the playback will look like in a recent capture from SL115.


Q: Can the classroom video camera capture my chalk/whiteboard notes?

A: No. This camera will not capture chalk/whiteboard content and is intended to serve as a point of reference for remote viewers. It also cannot be zoomed or panned during your recording.


Q: Do I have to record the classroom video camera?

A: No, if you wish to only record your audio and projector content, send a request to atc-ttl@wpi.edu asking that the classroom video camera view be disabled in your recording.


Q: Will the lecture capture system record student discussion?

A: No, if you want to capture student discussion, consider using Zoom in your classroom instead.


Q: Who will have access to my recordings?

A: Recordings will be published to the Echo360 area in your Canvas course site and will only be accessible to enrolled students.


Q: Can my students view my recordings live while class is meeting?

A: Yes. Classes will be scheduled to capture with live-streaming enabled. Note that this is a listen-only option for remote viewers; they will not be able to speak up to verbally ask questions like they can during a Zoom meeting. If a student is unable to view the live stream, they will be able to access the recording approximately 1-2 hours after class has ended and the stream has processed on the Echo360 video server.


Q: How long will my recordings be available to students?

A: Until you request the ATC delete them. If you’d like to manage your own recordings, you may log into the Echo360 portal and delete individual recordings. Please note that this is permanent and ATC will not be able to recover deleted recordings.




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