Zoom-capable Classrooms

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In support of students who might need to be remote for a class period, the ATC has installed Zoom AV in all traditional classrooms. This AV setup will capture in-room discussion and video so that remote students and guest speakers can hear and see what is happening in the classroom. Not sure whether you should use this in-room AV or lecture capture? See a comparison chart we’ve developed, and don’t hesitate to email atc-ttl@wpi.edu if you still aren’t sure which would be the more appropriate way to capture your in-classroom activities for remote participants.

The lists below detail the 2 different installations.

Mic-Array and AverCam classrooms:

Instructions for use (weblink to the WPI Hub)

  • AK219
  • AK233
  • FL320
  • GH227
  • SH308
  • SL104
  • SL105
  • SL305
  • SL402
  • SL411
  • WB229


Logitech MeetUp classrooms:

Instructions for use (weblink to the WPI Hub)

  • 50P1226
  • 60P1002
  • AK116
  • AK232
  • FL LWR (Lower Perreault Hall)
  • FL UPR (Upper Perreault Hall)
  • FL222
  • FL311
  • HL114
  • HL116
  • HL154
  • HL202
  • HL218
  • HL230
  • IS105
  • IS203
  • IS205
  • KH115
  • KH116
  • OH107
  • OH109
  • OH126
  • OH218
  • OH223
  • SH106
  • SH202
  • SH203
  • SH304
  • SH306
  • SH309
  • SL011
  • SL115
  • SL406
  • SL407
  • WB323

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