Setting Up Zoom for Echo360

Hello, Lecture Capturers!

Many questions have arisen about how to use Zoom in conjunction with Echo360 so that your students can view your Zoom meetings through the Echo360 area in Canvas. This is possible. It’s also a good idea. It’s a good idea because Zoom cloud recordings disappear after 100 days, but Echo360 videos live on much longer.

To set up your course to record with Zoom and then live and playback from Echo360, follow these steps.

Go to and go to Meetings. Click the “Schedule a Meeting” button on the right.


A red arrow points from the meetings button on the left menu to the "schedule a meeting" button on the right.
Scheduling a meeting in Zoom


Here, fill out the details of your meeting. A best practice is to name the meeting after your course. You’ll notice this test was FP555.

You’ll also notice that I chose for the meeting to be recurring but at no particular fixed time or day. This gives me some control over when to start/stop the meeting.


An arrow points from the meetings button on the left to the recurring meeting button in the schedule meeting interface. A drop down menu shows recurrence options: choose No Fixed Time.
Click “Recurring meeting” and then “No Fixed Time”.


Once you’ve set up those details, you’re going to want to tweak some options, so let’s show options.


A circle around the check box to automatically record meeting and the radio dial for in the cloud.
Choose to automatically record the meeting to the cloud.


I have participants joining at any time, with the caveat that they land in the waiting room first.

But the most important part of the above picture – for Echo360 purposes – is that I’ve checked off that I want to automatically record these meetings to the cloud.

That is the crux of the Zoom set up. Once I’ve got these details set, I can click save.

Now, it’s time for me to go into Echo360. I have to tell Echo360 that every time it hears one of my recurring meetings hit the Zoom cloud, it needs to make a copy and port it over to my Echo360 library.

Go to the Echo360 section of one of your Canvas courses. Click the gear wheel on the top right. Choose Account Settings. Toggle the switch for “Automatically copy Zoom recordings to Echo360”.


An arrow pointing from the Echo360 button to the account settings chooser and from there to a toggle switch for Zoom options.
Toggle on the switch to automatically copy Zoom recordings to Echo360.


I also can take the connection a step further and map the recurring Zoom meeting recordings to a particular Echo360 section.

Now, my Echo360 Community of Practice meetings will populate in the Echo360 area of my Educational Media at WPI Canvas course site, so people can watch them on demand.


An arrow points from the Zoom meeting list to the Echo360 course to which the Zoom meeting should be associated.
Click on the Echo360 section to which the Zoom meeting should be associated.


For more information on mapping your Zoom cloud recordings to Echo360, click here.

If you have any questions about setting up Zoom so that it feeds into Echo360, please let us know by emailing us at