Month: August 2022

Create a Link to Your Echo360 Section

For the times that you want to share your Echo360 lecture captures outside of Canvas to viewers outside WPI, create an access link to the section. The first step is to log into Echo360 with Then from the landing page, go to your courses. Find the course for which you want to pull a…Continue Reading Create a Link to Your Echo360 Section

Sizing Echo360 Videos in a Page

Greeting, Lecture Capturers! When you have video stored on Echo360 that you’d like to embed in a page in Canvas, you can affect the look of the page by selecting its size. In the Canvas page editor, click the Echo360 E-Z embed button, as shown in the image below. Clicking the E-Z embed button opens…Continue Reading Sizing Echo360 Videos in a Page

Lecture Capture Contingency Planning

Instructors at WPI are being asked to be agile in order to accommodate students who may not be able to attend in-classroom lectures. If you’re an instructor who is not accustomed to lecture capture, this blog post will guide help you initiate a lecture stream using Echo360 or Zoom. Echo360 Zoom Planning   Echo360 At…Continue Reading Lecture Capture Contingency Planning