Echo360 Sharing: Wide and Narrow

The way an Echo360 video is shared determines whether a lot of students see it or just a few.

Examples of wide sharing are via the Echo360 section, connected to a Canvas course site through the left side menu. When students click on the Echo360 button, they see an collection of videos either recorded in a WPI classroom or selected from the instructor’s Echo360 library.


Echo360 section in Canvas.



Another example of wide sharing is including a video in a module, as shown below.


Sharing Echo360 video in a module.



Wide sharing enables all students enrolled in the course to gain access to the videos.

However, it is possible to share more selectively.

Two methods for selective sharing are creating a link to the video or sharing to an individual user via the Echo360 platform.

Creating a link to a video

Detailed directions for creating a link to a specific video within Echo360 can be found here.

If you’re concerned about security, remember that the student you share the link to can also share that link. However, it is possible to make the link “private”. When the public access switch is off, viewers are required to log in to access the content. You can see who has viewed through Echo360’s viewing analytics.


Echo360 link with public access switched off.



Sharing with an individual

Most WPI students have Echo360 user accounts due to the integration between Canvas and Echo360.

It is possible to share a video directly from one Echo360 user, who is the “owner” of that video, to another, who would have viewing permissions.

For more information on sharing a video with a user directly through the Echo360 platform, click here.

When a video is shared to an individual via the Echo360 platform, the recipient will see a tile in their Echo360 library with the name of the owner on it, as shown in the image below.


Shared video in user library


It is possible, when lecture capturing all in-class meetings, to contain them to the Echo360 platform and then share them narrowly through the methods described above.

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