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Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an issue that every college campus faces at one time or another.  This is not surprising according to recent data reported in an article published by Campus Technology Magazine: “Plagiarism appears to be endemic in applications, according to a recently published study by plagiarism prevention vendor iParadigms. The company examined 453,000 applications submitted…Continue Reading Avoiding Plagiarism

HOTs to LOTs in a digital world

As D-Term approaches, we know that many of you are working on revamping your Syllabi.  One of the areas on your syllabus that you may be looking at is the course objective section.  Course objectives are a great way for us to communicate our expectations to the students while providing guidance for the  direction of…Continue Reading HOTs to LOTs in a digital world

So you want to sing… Tweeting in the Classroom

Seems like everywhere we go lately everyone is all a flutter about Twitter.  From professional conferences to the boy next door, everyone seems to be doing it! Which has led some of us to wondering, “Is there a use for Twitter in the college classroom?”.  Turns out the answer is yes! Check out these great…Continue Reading So you want to sing… Tweeting in the Classroom

Free yourself from chalk dust!

Wondering what that monitor-that-doesn’t-quite-look-like-a-monitor in your classroom could be?  If it has a plastic pen attached, it’s called a Sympodium, manufactured by SMART Technologies, Inc.  If you’re thinking about trying it out this term, here are some things for you to consider: Pros. The ATC has been surveying students who participated in captured lectures (using…Continue Reading Free yourself from chalk dust!

We know you thought the world was round….

but we are here to tell you that the world is actually flat!  Not geometrically flat, that was dis-proven way back in 1521 by  Ferdinand Magellan when he circumnavigated the earth, but virtually flat. Through economy, trade, and technology we humans have succeeded in virtually flattening our world. Thomas Friedman was one of the first…Continue Reading We know you thought the world was round….

Turn your classroom upside down!

If you attended the Food for thought last week on Naked Teaching you may also be interested in a related teaching strategy called the Inverted Classroom.  In a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education ( Jose Bowen urged his colleagues to “teach naked,” a phrase he coined to describe class time that is…Continue Reading Turn your classroom upside down!